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How has COVID-19 changed moving into your Dream Home?

Moving House

Although the housing industry has continued almost as normal for much of the COVID-19 crisis,  it has had to adapt. Hopefully, you will not find moving house has become too much harder, but it has definitely changed. This article will guide you through the whole process of moving house, from viewing the property right to physically moving in.


How has the viewing process been changed by COVID-19?

How you will view the property has changed massively with the need for social distancing. Some agencies you go to will encourage and offer virtual viewings. However, it is natural that you will want to see the property in person before making such a big decision.


Unless exempt, you will have to wear a mask at the viewing and if a room you are looking at is occupied by a resident you won’t be able to spend as much time there. You can’t expect they will be wearing a mask in their own home so you should be careful.


As part of the moving process, you will have viewings of the property you are living in. If you live in rented accommodation your landlord will need to allow viewings to find new tenants. To keep yourself safe, you should remember to wipe down any surfaces viewers may have touched.


Like many people, you will have experienced how COVID-19 has brought many unexpected silver linings to our lives. In the housing industry, open house viewings have ended. You can imagine how hard social distancing is at such events. Instead, you will need to book a viewing appointment. Whether you are viewing a property or your property is being viewed, this is an excellent and unexpected opportunity. Your appointment will be without the chaos of an open viewing. With more time and space you are certain to make a better decision. If you are selling or are a landlord, viewings by appointment will mean only serious buyers will view property.


How has the process of moving been changed by COVID-19?


Even without the concern of COVID-19, physically moving home is stressful, difficult and tiring. For your safety, you should be extra careful.


The ‘new normal’ of current life will add to the frustrating inconveniences and barriers experienced by all movers. If anybody from your home or the home you are moving into has tested positive or is housing symptoms of Coronavirus you will need to delay the move until their period of self-isolation has passed.


The COVID-19 crisis has not been good for the removal industry. The government advises you to do as much of the removal work yourself. If this is not possible, your removal firm of choice will need you to prepare arrangements a long time in advance.


On the bright side, you can get your friends involved. You are allowed to enlist the help of one other household to help you move, though of course you should remain distanced from them.



COVID-19 has not made moving house impossible

Moving home is never without its complications. Although COVID-19 has added to these complications, it is important to accept the process will never be easy. Now is as good a time as any to move.